Attention: CEOs & Business Owners
Do you have Plan for Fiscal 2022?

"He who fails to plan 
is planning to fail"

—Winston Chuchill

Need a Plan for Fiscal 2022?

A Strategic Plan

in Just 4 Days  

(Without Having to hire or depend on a consulatant)

15-18 June — Only 1 Hour per Day

Changing The Lives Of Small Business Owners Gloabally
Join the 2,968 companies who are using ResultsBI 
to plan and execute their strategy

 The Problem

  It has been a tough year for Australian Businesses 

  What are the challenges you face at the present time?

   I  don't have a strategic plan in place for Fiscal 2022.
   I am uncertain about the future of my business.
   I am overwhelmed, frustrated, and stressed.
   I can not afford to pay a consultant to help.
   I know I need a recovery plan but do not know where to start.
   If you answered yes to any of the above we have the solution. 
   Join a Strategic Planning Challenge for a 2022 Strategic Business Plan.

 The Solution

 ResultsBI Strategic Planning Challenge

  Hosted by Marc L Daniels - ResultsBI - CEO & Author

  Over 4 Days, only 1 hour per day we review the 
  15 critical steps of assembling a strategic plan. 
  We break this down to 3 high-level functaional components.

  • Vision: Your BHAG, Core Purpose, and Core Values
  • Strategy: Target Audience, Strategic Positioning and Strategic Moves
  • Execution: Competitive Analysis, PEST Analysis, and SWOT Exercise.

RECOVERY STRATEGY: Daily Focus on recovery methodologies and how to build them into your overarching strategy.

 Includes Access to ResultsBI Software

  *60 Days FREE Access

   ResultsBI a sophisticated, but yet simple platform that 
   stores your plan, tracks your progress in dashboards 
   and drives execution in integrated meetings.

  • Access for upto 20: Add your Executive Team & Employees.
  • Quarterly Strategic Planning: Review and adjust each quarter.
  • Power BI Dashboards: Beautiful interactive dashboards.
  • Execution: Competive Analysis, PEST Analsys and SWOT Exercise.

 Strategic Planning Challenge - DETAILS

Just Four Days - 15 to 18 June 
Only 1 hour per Day
11 am AEST/ 9 am AWST 

Registration Ends 
11 June at 11:59pm AWST

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The Results

After you complete the Challenge you will have a Strategic Plan providing:

• A recovery strategy to that provides
  confidence in the future.
• A clear path to growth and
  financial stability.
• Laser focus on what really matters.
• Know they where you are going.
• A plan you can easily share and
  with your team.
​• People will be passionate about
   what they do.
 ​• Track and Measure the progress
   you make.

Recovery Confidence

Clear Path
to Growth



ResultsBI Software provides the tools to  Execute your Strategy:

• Quarterly Strategic Plannning
• Results KPI Dashboards
• Strategic Project Dashboards
• PowerBI Dashboards
• Watercooler Communications
• Integrated Meetings

ResultsBI - 60 Days Free*

The award winning sofware will help you not only plan but recogonise your strategic obejectives and dreams!

upto 20 Users – $316 Value

*Thereafter just $7.95 per month/per user

Strategic Recovery Masterclass

Masterclass Teacher

Marc L Daniels

ResultsBI CEO, & Author

Six Decades Strategic Planning and Wins! 
☛ '79- Computer      Discount of America 
☛ '85- First on-line in  Compuserve's
Electronic Mall
☛ '91- PrePress Solutions and launched the Panther direct to plate imagesetter.
☛ '94- Instrumentation Engineering Business Plan (sold to Flextronics for 300 Million in 2001)
☛ '97- Game (sold to  Electronics Boutique for 2 Million
in 1999)
☛ '03-Founding Member of Diligent  (sold to Private Equity NZD $941 Million in 2016)
During the four day Challenge I will review the fifteen components of Strategic Planning. Most importantly
I will show you how to Execute your plan using the ResultsBI R5 Methodology.

Drive your 2022 Recovery with a Plan!

Join me for just 4 days

15 to 18 June

Only 1 hoyur per day @ 11 AEST

The Strategic Recovery Masterclass starts 15 June 
Just 1 hour per day 
at 11am AEST / 9am AWST

Day 1 — Your Vision -
  Who, Why and Where

It all starts with your Vision. Where are you going? Why you doing this? And what are your core values? Introduction to Target Market. Get you target market right and everything falls into place.

Day 2 — Foundational Elements & Analysis

Foundational Elements & Analysis Defining your Target Market right provides context for defining your Value Disciple, Strategic Positioning, Key Benefits and your Brand Promise. Core vs. non-core activities. You craft your Strategic Positioning Statement and then we dive into into the Five Competitive Forces and PEST Analysis and set your Long Term (3+ years) Goals

Day 3 — Pandemic Recovery: How to Leverage emerging Trends

SWOT Analysis - Your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Then I will step you through the differences between a SWOT or SWaTOL. SWaTOL's are powerful in the times of financial turbulence. You will define your Strategic Projects for next quarter and create Project and KPI Dashboards.

Day 4 — The 5-P's of Productive Meetings & The Magic Formula

Execute! — In a time of chaos. What does it entail to be an effective Strategic Execution Leader? We will review the 5 P-s of Execution driven meetings and I will share the Results Formula with you!

Everyday — ResultsBI Strategy
  Execution Compass

I will spend time everyday showing you how
to use the Results Strategy Execution Compass to track your progress, engage your staff, hold your team accountable and ensure 2021
is the successful  year you need it to be!

What Our Customers Say...

"The strategic planning was a game changer for us and helped us get all on the same page. Now we run all our meetings on and love the ability to make all our notes in a central system...the leadership team have regular reviews of the strategy and we derive our strategic goals from the same platform. We’ve achieved and implemented more in the first quarter than we have for the past 2 years
— Spencer Dormer
Dynamics GEx, Australia
"Integrated meetings was a God-sent, allowing the transparent management of all tasks while working remotely."
— Paul Broderick, General Manager
           Pembroke Hotel, Ireland is a must for CEO’s and business owners. It’s the best tool I’ve used to both define and align my team to our company’s strategy.
                   — Peter Steele, CEO
           Revenue Automation, Canada
With the help of the Platform we exceeded our growth target by 23%
— Gerry Suckling. GM
Intex Group, New Zealand
The Strategic Planning Workshop was just superb and deeply inspirational.  This was easily the best two hours I have spent on any new endeavour in the past several years.
— Maurice O’Connor, CEO
Vearsa, Ireland


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Strategic Plans

Changing The Lives Of Small Business Owners Gloabally
Join the 2,928 companies who are actively using ResultsBI to plan and execute their strategy

ResultsBI Software with R5

A Proven Methodology

Author and ResultsBi CEO, Marc Daniels has refined the R5 methodology over 40 years. His proven track record in taking start-ups or small companies to multimillion success stories speaks for itself. New Zealand listed company Diligent Board Member Services sold for 941 Million to private equity in 2016. 
The key to the R5 Methodology is Execution. All too many solutions provide planning components but lack focus on Execution. And others stop at the planning component and then drive you into expensive consulting engagements. Not ResultsBI, while planning can be challenging, the hard part is the Execution of the plan.

The plan is the foundation...
the Execution is worth millions!

— Marc L Daniels

R5 Methodolgy Step by Step


Strategic Planning: Our wizard brings you through creating your Vision, Strategy, and the Execution
tracking components of your Strategic Plan. Includes SWOT templates. and in-depth educational videos
and workbooks.

R2 — Share

Inspire your team with your Vision and providing them with context to help create your Quarterly Strategic Projects aligned with your goals. Includes Sub-projects, and Tasks, complete task tracking for the entire team. Beacuse the paln is in the cloud it can be easily shared with remote offices or employees

R3 — Track

Create Dashboards to track Strategic Projects with related KPI's, (OKRs-Objectives with Key Results) Results integartes with many other platforms to automatically keep your dashboard updated. You can even import windows from other tools you use like Microsoft Power BI, Smartsheets, and more.

R4 — Execute

Integrated ∫Meetings™: Meet with your team in person,
or remotely.  Use agenda templates or create you own. Strategic Projects and KPI dashboards are Integrated with Meetings are where you drive execution,  identify issues and remove roadblocks. Decisions, questions, and tasks are all recorded for future reference. 

R5 — Review

Review and Repeat; Quarterly Strategic Planning templates are included, this is where you review your progress... what went wrong, and what went right. 
Then the team and you set new strategic projects and goals for the next quarter of success!

Challenge Bonuses

Over $1,500 of  Bonuses — Act Today!

ResultsBI Software — $316 Value

Provides the tools you need to track your progress, create accountability, and ensure this is the successful year you need it to be. (FREE for 60 days for up to 20 Users)

Startegy Execution Thursdays — $1,200 Value

One Year of access to Startegy Execution Thursdays at 12 pm AEST / 10 am AWST - Training on Executing your Strategy using the Results BI Software. Participation will provide guidance on how to achives your stratgic goals. 

The Strategic Planning Challenge starts 
15 June - Only 1 hour per day at 11 am AEST / 9am AWST

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