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FAST TRACK Challenge Starts

Monday, November 16th at Noon
November 16th to 20th

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A Strategic Plan in just 4 Weeks!

Do you have a Strategic Plan? – Our five-day FAST TRACK Strategic Plan Challenge guides you through the assembly of a Strategic Plan. In live Tuesday zoom sessions, we will cover the 15 components of assembling a Strategic Plan for your company.  Attend alone or invite your executive team. 

What a Strategic Plan will do for You.  

After the five-day FAST TRACK you will have a Strategic Plan!  The entire company will know where you are going and have laser focus on what needs to happen next.  A plan you can share with your team and engage them.  You will have peace of mind because you will have certainty about the future. And your company will have a clear path to growth and financial stability.

Strategy Execution Execution Compass  

The FAST TRACK includes 60 days access to the ResultsBI Strategy Execution Compass software. In the software you will assemble you plan. You will track your progress in PowerBI dashboards and Strategic Project dashboards. And drive engagement and  accountability using Integrated ∫Meetings ™. 
— All this and more for just $97

The Strategic Planning Workshop was just superb and deeply inspirational. This was easily the best two hours I have spent on any new endeavor in the past several years.
 Maurice O’Connor, CEO - Vearsa is a must for CEO’s and business owners. It’s the best tool I’ve used to both define and align my team to our company’s strategy.
Peter Steele, CEO - Revenue Automation

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FAST TRACK Schedule 

Over 5 Days FAST TRACK will help you create your Company Strategic Plan.
A plan... that can easily be shared and communicated with your team!
A plan... that defines your strategic projects and goals.
A plan... that provides a strategic clear path to stability and growth.




Day 1

It all starts with your Vision. Where are you going? Why you doing this?
And what are your core values.

Where? — Your BHAG
Why? — Your Core Purpose 
​Who? — Your Core Values

Day 2

When you get your Target Market right, it provides context for all you do. When you know who you are talking to your messaging works and everything falls into place. 

Target Market Customer
Value Discipline
Strategic Positioning 
​Key Benefits
​Brand Promise

 Day 3

Two well known analyses will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your market and help identify your strategic moves.

5 Competitive Forces Analysis
The PEST Analysis
Long Term Strategic Moves
Numerical Targets

Day  4

SWOT analysis the old standard and a SWaTOL for leveraging trends and identifying  Strategic Projects. 

SWOT Analysis
SWaTOL Analysis
Quarterly Strategic Projects

Day 5

Execute! — In a time of chaos. What does it entail to be an effective Strategic Execution Leader?

Project & KPI Dashboards
Integrated Meetings
The Results Formula

FAST TRACK Challenge Coaches

Michael Gidlewski - Achievement Unlimited, Founder 

As a growth catalyst and meditation teacher, he has presented hundreds of leadership and management programs, facilitated strategic plans, and helped clients get the right people on the bus to grow their business. He helps clients engage their employees and increase productivity through personal effectiveness training and the development of winning attitudes. His results-driven programs have proven successful in driving organizational growth and strategic execution.

Marc L Daniels, - ResultsBI CEO 

5 Decades of Business Experience; including launching Computer Discount of America in 1979, first on-line presence in 1985, and dozens of strategic plans including; Game sold to Electronics Boutique for 2 Million,                Instrumentation Engineering sold to Flex (NASDAQ:FLEX) for 300 Million. and
Diligent Boardbooks (NZX:DIL) sold to private equity for 941 Million. His passion today is providing guidance and tools to executives to Execute Strategy.

FAST TRACK Challenge Starts

Monday, November 16th at Noon
November 16th to 20th

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Have a strategy in place to ensure 
your company's success

Companies with a Strategic Plan succeed. When you have a plan, you will have a laser focus 
on what matters. You will have a clear path to growth and financial stability.
One hour per day 
for 1 week 
At ResultsBI we make Strategy Easy, just 1 hour per day, plus a little homework  and you will have a Strategic Plan by November 20. 
Enter 2021 with certainty
Keep your team on the same page
Invite your executive team. Involving your team will drive engagement and accountability. Share your plan with your entire company. The  staff will be passionate about what they do!
Execute - Track and measure your progress
Using the Strategy Execution Compass you will track and measure your company's progress. PowerBI Dashboards, Strategic Project Tracking and Integrated ∫Meetings™


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Strategic Plans

FAST TRACK Challenge Starts

Monday, November 16th at Noon
November 16th to 20th

Sign Up Today - ONLY 100 SEATS

The FAST TRACK Includes 60 Days FREE ACCESS to this powerful ResultsBI Software

Strategy Execution Compass


Plan — Strategic Planning: Our wizard brings you through creating your Vision, Strategy, and the Execution tracking components of your Strategic Plan. Includes SWOT templates. Includes in-depth educational videos and workbooks.


Inspire your team with your Vision and providing them with context to help create your Quarterly Strategic Projects aligned with your goals. Includes Sub-projects, and Tasks, complete task tracking for the the entire team.


Create Dashboards to track Strategic Projects with related KPI's, (OKRs-Objectives with Key Results) You can even import windows from other tools you use like Microsoft Power BI, Smartsheets, and more.


Integrated⎰Meetings™: Meet with your team in person, or remotely.  Use our agenda templates or create you own. Strategic Projects and KPI dashboards are Integrated with Meetings where you drive execution,  identify issues and remove roadblocks by assigning tasks. Record decisions, make comments and ask questions. 


Quarterly Strategic Planning templates are included, where you review your progress... what went wrong, and what went right. Then the team and you set new set new strategic projects and goals for the next quarter of success!
A comprehensive platform that helps you assemble your Strategic Plan 
and provides the tools to drive the Execution of your Strategy.

Trusted by over 2,900 Users

Here's what our customers say...
"The strategic planning was a game changer for us and helped us get all on the same page. Now we run all our meetings on and love the ability to make all our notes in a central system...the leadership team have regular reviews of the strategy and we derive our strategic goals from the same platform. We’ve achieved and implemented more in the first quarter than we have for the past 2 years
— Spencer Dormer
Dynamics GEx, Australia
"Integrated meetings was a God-sent, allowing the transparent management of all tasks while working remotely."
— Paul Broderick, General Manager
           Pembroke Hotel, Ireland is a must for CEO’s and business owners. It’s the best tool I’ve used to both define and align my team to our company’s strategy.
                   — Peter Steele, CEO
           Revenue Automation, Canada
With the help of the Platform we exceeded our growth target by 23%
— Gerry Suckling. GM
Intex Group, New Zealand
The Strategic Planning Workshop was just superb and deeply inspirational.  This was easily the best two hours I have spent on any new endeavour in the past several years.
— Maurice O’Connor, CEO
Vearsa, Ireland

Recent Awards

Most Innovative Business Management Platform

"...Making strategy simpler than it has ever been, Results BI delivers actionable and high quality plans for businesses to help stimulate growth and sustain success. The platform that the firm delivers works to guide the client through the whole process of making a strategy and executing it, making those parts that seem challenging or time-consuming easier than ever before for businesses to get through."

Unique Strategic Execution System

"The ResultsBI Strategic Execution creates a living document designed to be shared, reviewed, and ultimately create employee accountability... the application provides a guided onboarding process with instructional videos that walk you through a proper strategic planning process....enables start-ups who want to succeed through strategic execution and empower existing companies."

FAST TRACK includes these BONUSES...

15 Videos - The individual components of Strategic Planning  
Strategy Execution Leadership Group - Invitation only access
14 Strategic Planning Workbooks - Available to your entire team
COVID-19 Strategy Guide - Steps to take to bounce back strong

4+ Hours of Strategy Video

 Strategy Execution Leader Group

14 Strategic Planning Workbooks


FAST TRACK Challenge Starts

Monday, November 16th at Noon
November 16th to 20th

Sign Up Today - ONLY 100 SEATS


Details Of What You'll Get When You Join
FAST TRACK Challenge - 5 Days to a Strategic Plan!

1 — Live Coaching w/Michael Gidlewski — Achievement Unlimited

As a growth catalyst, he specializes in Strategic Planning.  As Michael says, "Clarity is the antidote to anxiety" Over 5 days he will help you create a playbook for a bigger and better future. Have the freedom to focus on want in your business and personal life. 

2 — Live Daily Coaching with Marc Daniels — ResultsBI CEO

Too many business leaders spend time in the business and don't work on the business. Marc will guide you through the use of the ResultsBI system and specific teachings on the 15 components of Strategic Planning. Daily sessions will be 60 minutes with 30 minutes of homework.

3 — Can not attend a session? — Recordings Available 

Attendance is recommended. We end every session with a live Questions & Answers. However, if you or a team member miss a session, or if you want to re-listen to a session recordings are available and posted shortly after each session ends.

4 — Access to ResultsBI Strategy Execution Compass

Putting together the Strategic Plan is actually the easy part. Execution is the challenge. Our platform provides tools to drive execution. You and your team will receive full access to the Results BI Strategic Execution Compass for 60 Days (up to 10 Users).  

5 — BONUS: 4+ Hours Video Training on Strategic Planning

Over 4+ Hours of Video Training on Strategic Planning. Strategic planning is an iterative process. Learn more, become a Strategy Execution Leader. New content is added every month. Additionally, you will have access to over 14 strategic planning workbooks to guide you through specific areas.

6 — BONUS: Strategy Execution Leaders Facebook Group

Participation in this invitation-only group will help you hone your skills, find new approaches, and learn what your peers are doing to succeed.  "If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results." - Tony Robbins

7 — BONUS: COVID-19 Leverage Guide - Come out strong!

Every finacial crisis causes a vacum and opportuities - This Pandemic will pass and the land grab will happen. It's already happening don't miss the opportunities that arise. This gives you insight as to how to spot them and leverage them.

8 — BONUS: Strategic Planning Workbooks

15 Strategic On-Line Workbooks that bring you and your team through the 15 key components  of assembling a Strategic Plan - Send one yo each of your executives then load the agreed-upon decisions into the Results BI Strategy Plan Section

9 — Additional Attendees and Users - No Charge

There is no additional charge for additional attendees to FAST TRACK Fridays from your company. Additionally, up to 10 users will receive free access to the ResultsBI Strategy Execution Compass for 60 days. Thereafter the monthly charge is just $7.95 per user per month.

10 — 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

It's simple - If feel you did not receive tremendous value from the  FAST TRACK, or you did not complete a Strategic Plan that you feel will help your company grow, or if you are simply not happy for any reason we will provide you a full refund. 

11 — Your Investment - Your Return

Your investment just $97 - (a $995 value) — Your return priceless. You will have a clearly defined Strategic Plan for your company. A plan that can be easily be shared and communicated with your employees to drive engagement. A clear path to growth and financial stability. Certainly about the future!

FAST TRACK Challenge Starts

Monday, November 16th at Noon
November 16th to 20th

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